Onion dyed silk hankie
Onion dyed silk hankie
Onion dyed silk hankie

Onion dyed silk hankie

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A sweet little hankie to keep in your pocket or bag, alway around when you need it. You can easily replace single-use tissues with a few special hankies, reducing your household waste.

These silks also make lovely altar cloths, gift wrapping and patches.

Onion is loaded with antioxidants and is naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. It has been used as a cold of flu remedy for centuries and was revered in ancient Egypt as a symbol of life.

Made from soft 100% raw silk and hand dyed by me using Onion skins.

This long slow process of infusing herbs into fabric allows the qualities of the plant to bond with the fabric, thereby embracing its medicinal qualities. Wiping your nose or brow with this special hankie is a way to ingest herbs through your biggest organ...your skin!

For more information about the plants used please see the “About dye plants” page


Silk is well known for its healing and antibacterial properties. Wearing raw silk can be very soothing and it naturally wicks wetness away from your body keeping you dry and comfortable.

This may just be the greatest hankie ever made...well it’s definitely special. Each one is unique and one of a kind.

This soft hankie is free from all the harmful chemicals used in commercial dyeing.

Size: 10” x 10”