Butterfly Sky undies
Butterfly Sky undies
Butterfly Sky undies
Butterfly Sky undies
Butterfly Sky undies

Butterfly Sky undies

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The winds have warmed and its time to chew a hole in your cocoon                                                                                                                                

Push out into the brightness of Spring.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face one again and stretch out your new wings.


Truly wearable art these underwear are a collaboration between Lunar Rogue and Troy Benoit and are available as a limited offering.

Melissa (Lunar Rogue) cut, sewed, and hand dyed them using real Indigo

Troy screen-printed his own beautiful butterfly design on both sides.

To see more of Troy’s wonderful artwork and screen-printed clothing please check out @troybenoitart on Instagram.


Hand dyed using real Indigo

Plant dyeing is a long slow process of infusing herbs into fabric allows the qualities of the plant to bond with the fabric, thereby embracing its medicinal qualities.    Wearing this special piece is a way of ingesting herbs through your biggest organ...your skin!

Indigo is a plant that has been used to colour fabric for 6,000 years.
It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Some say it even has the ability to detoxify through the skin and stimulate the immune

For more information about the medicinal benefits of specific plants used in dyeing please check out the “About dye plants” page.


Please note: plant dyeing is an organic process and colour results will always vary slightly. Sometimes patterns or designs show up in my work and sometimes colours are richer or brighter in certain areas. This is all part of the magic and mystery of working with plant dyes.


High waisted to sit just at the belly button. Full bottomed to ensure they don’t wedge up.

Sizing is the same as your standard underwear.

Sizing guide:

Small: Waist 24”-28”  Hips 34”-38”

Medium: Waist 28”-32” Hips 38”-42”

Large: Waist 32”-36” Hips 42”-46”

X-Large: Waist 36”-40” Hips 46”-48”

Fabric details:
52% hemp
43% organic cotton
5% spandex
Sewn with Organic cotton thread

Lunar Rogue is a one-woman operation. All items are cut, sewn and dyed by Melissa.