Using Cloth Pads

Not all people who bleed are women and not all women bleed! This is a safe, gender inclusive space and all people are welcome to inquire about any Lunar Rogue items.

Switching to reusable cloth pads is a wonderful way to reduce your waste and connect with your body. You are unique so please be kind with yourself as you learn about how cloth pads work with your body and how often you will need to change them (more often on heavy flow days and less on lighter days). You welcome to contact me with any questions you may have.

-Just snap your Lunar Rogue pad around the crotch of your underwear to hold it in place.

-When it’s time to change your pad just unsnap, wash, and use again.

-You can give your pad a quick hand wash and let it dry overnight for use again the next day.

-At the end of your bleed, or anytime you like, you can give your pads a thorough wash by hand or machine in cold water using a mild natural detergent.

-Always hang to dry

-Never dry in direct sunlight (this will cause the colours to fade quickly)

-Do not soak your pads in water, soap, or any other solution.