Indigo Sky Bandana
Indigo Sky Bandana
Indigo Sky Bandana

Indigo Sky Bandana

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This bandana makes a lovely neck wrap, head wrap or cloth for your altar or nature table.

Made from Organic Cotton and hand-dyed using real Indigo.

This long slow process of infusing herbs into fabric allows the qualities of the plant to bond with the fabric, thereby embracing its medicinal qualities. Wearing this special item is a way to ingest herbs through your biggest organ...your skin!

Indigo is a plant that has been used to colour fabric for 6,000 years.
It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Some say it even has the ability to detoxify through the skin and stimulate the immune system.

For more information about the plants used please see the “About dye plants” page.


Size: 22”x22”