Mini pads -3 pack
Mini pads -3 pack
Mini pads -3 pack

Mini pads -3 pack

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These little pads can be worn as a liner inside your undies or can be folded in half and placed between your labia.

When would you use an inter-labial pad?
-On a light period day
-With a regular par on a heavy period day (an inter-labia pad helps direct the flow to the pad underneath)
-If your diva cup is a little leaky
-If you are experiencing small bladder leaks while bouncing at the gym (or any other time actually)


These beautiful pads are made from soft, organic hemp/cotton.

Hemp is extremely absorbent. This means a thinner hemp pads holds a lot more that a thicker cotton pad.

Size: 4”x 2.25”

Each package comes with 3 mini moontime pads...$10.